About us

Elektromax d.o.o. was founded in 1993. From the very beginning, it was defined as a company specializing in the sale of electrical installation material. It started as a small family business, and today it is one of the leading companies in Croatia for the sale of electrical installation material and lighting.

Marking 20 years of business, the company Elektromax opened a new sales center in 2013. on the adress
Marinići 172.

The new space combines retail, warehouse, commercial and administrative offices, and a lighting showroom.

Our customers

Trading companies and trades whose main activity is the sale of electrical installation material or its installation in commercial or residential buildings.

Assortment of goods

Electrical installation material, lighting, white goods and household appliances.

Our employees

Equipped in teams, technically educated, with their experience and advice they will be happy to help in finding optimal solutions.

Our team

Oliver Kiković



Damir Mileusnić

Commercial Director


+385 51 341 251

+385 91 9777 070

Mirjana Žužić

Director of Finance


+385 51 211 137

+385 95 2211 137

Andrej Akrap

Executive Director / CEO


Deni Miočić

Manager of the lighting salon


+385 51 211 359

+385 91 5071 902

Silvija Mrvčić Lučić



+385 98 486 939

Name: Elektromax d.o.o.
Headquarters: 51216 Viškovo, Marinići 172
Year of establishment: 1993.
MB: 0443581
OIB: 91634021778

Registry court: Commercial court in Rijeka Tt-95/9784-2
MBS: 040036138
Account: Privredna banka Zagreb d.d. HR4623400091117017063
Basic capital: HRK 600,000.00 paid in full

Tel.: +385 (0)51 258 364

Fax: +385 (0)51 258 365
Web: http://www.elektromax.hr
E-mail: elektromax@elektromax.hr

Option to pay in installments in retail for amounts above HRK 500/€66.36: fixed conversion rate 7.53450

  • Cash payment
  • Myanmar (transactional) payment
  • Maestro, Visa, Mastercard (PBZ)
    • one-time
    • installment payment of 2-12 installments (without interest)
  • Diners
    • one-time
    • installment payment of 2-12 installments (without interest)